Executive Board 

The Idaho Young Democrats organization is led by an experienced team of elected or appointed board members.  Each person on this executive board serves a one-year term and carries with them a variety of different responsibilities that help fulfill the mission set forth by IDYD members.  To learn more about the people leading this organization, please look at their short biographies below. Emails provided linked to name.


Jessi Boyer: President

Jessi Boyer is originally from Twin Falls and has also lived in New York City and Eugene, Oregon. She now lives in the east end of Boise with her 8-year-old daughter, Joss. She has worked as a field organizer for the Idaho Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, and Conservation Voters for Idaho. This year she was the field director for AJ Balukoff for Governor, managing the statewide field program and a staff of 8. She is currently the campaign manager for Aaron Swisher’s congressional campaign. Jessi is passionate about reproductive rights and electing Democrats to public office. She loves art, Burning Man, and her cat, Whiskey. 

Egzona Rexhepi: Vice President

Egzona is a computer science and physics student entering her freshman year of college. She spends most days interning for HP, but allocates the majority of her free time to various political pursuits. As the former high school caucus chair for IDYD, Egzona’s vision for the organization and her position as VP is to encourage younger people, especially more progressive high school and college students, to be involved in local politics. Her vision extends beyond Young Democrats, namely in her positions as the leader of Students for Paulette and Students for Cindy Wilson. In her personal time, Egzona enjoys listening to music (follow on Apple Music!!), traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
Dylan IDYD.png

Dylan Simpson: field director

Dylan is originally from Hailey, Idaho and the Blaine County area. Following his recent graduation from Boise State University with a bachelors degree in political science, he immediately got involved and traveled the state of during the summer of 2017 as a field organizer for the Idaho Democratic Party’s Summer of Resistance program. He has been involved in Idaho politics since before the 2016 elections, when he was an intern in the state senate, a fellow for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and an intern for the state party. Dylan is passionate about issues that impact millennials and is looking forward to getting involved and getting more young people involved.
kelsey IDID.png

Kelsey Dillon: Treasurer

Kelsey received her BA in Political Science in May 2016 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR. During her time in Oregon, she worked field on a State Senate campaign, where they ran a successful race against a Republican incumbent. After graduation, she interned under the Finance Director of Future PAC, the coordinated campaign for the Oregon House Democrats. After moving to Idaho in 2016, she participated in the field for the Idaho Democratic Party, and worked as a Senate Attache for the Assistant Minority Leader and Caucus Chair in the 2017 legislative session. She is 28 years old and currently works as the Finance and Development Director for the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (IDLCC). Kelsey is thrilled to be a part of the Idaho Young Democrats. 
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Carter Jones: communications director

Carter Jones is a Boise State political science student and a lifetime Idahoan. Growing up in a politically active family, he began forming progressive opinions at a young age. After a short stint as the Events Coordinator on the IDYD board Carter decided that his skills were best suited for communications, interacting with people is one of his passions. Carter also interns with The Swisher for Congress campaign and participates with the party at the district level. He sees his service on the Idaho Young Democrats Board as an honor and a privilege.

Matt IDYD.png

Matthew Wolfe: Parliamentarian 

Matt is an East-Coast Transplant who has been living in Boise for about 4 years. He earned his BA in Business Administration from the American Military University, his J.D. from Concordia University School of Law, and his LL.M. in Taxation from Boston University. Joining the Idaho Young Democrats is Matt’s first foray into the political world. His goal is to get more young people involved in politics since Millennials are now the largest voting group in the United States. You can follow Matt on Twitter @aWolfeinIdaho.
Crispin IDYD.jpg

Crispin Gravatt: Events Coordinator

Crispin was born in Pocatello, and grew up in various places along the Snake River. He graduated from Boise State University with degrees in Sociology, French, Gender Studies, and Economics. In 2014, Crispin was selected to represent ten states and various US territories as a human rights delegate, discussing the ways technology changes education around the world. Crispin also volunteers in his community to foster stronger relationships between business, nonprofit, neighborhood, and educational organizations, and assists in efforts to expand support services for LGBT survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Most recently, Crispin was a candidate for Boise City Council.

Henry IDYD.png

Henery Shafer-Coffey: Development Director

Henry is a Senior at Boise State University. He became interested in politics during the absurd primary elections of 2016. He interned for the Idaho Democrats in the fall of 2016, and for the State Legislature in the spring of 2017. He is passionate about discussing politics in a fair, engaging, and inspiring way. He enjoys cooking, writing and watching sports.

luis IDYD.jpg

Luis IslasNational Committee-person

Luis is originally from East Palo Alto, California. Having studied Political Science, Pre-Law and History he was always heavily involved in the political scene both local and national.  First having served as a Fellow for President Obama’s Re-election campaign, worked as a Communications Intern for the Idaho Democratic Party, served as the Political Director for the College and Young Democrats of Iowa, Heartland Regional Director for the College Democrats of America, and was President of William Penn Universities College Democrats chapter. Luis, later on, went to earn his Master in Business Leadership Degree and worked as a TEFL instructor for Peace Corps Madagascar.

Luis came back to Idaho for numerous reasons. This beautiful state had provided him with all the opportunities he could ever dream of, coming from a first generation immigrant family, Idaho has helped him flourish and has allowed him to develop the skills necessary to help communities.  Now, more than ever Idaho is in need of a wave and he is excited for the opportunity to be able to contribute.


Catherine floate: National Committee-person

Catherine, known as Cat, is a committed progressive and true Idahoan. She was born in Billings Montana but has called Idaho home ever since the age of 4. Cat got her start with phone banking for Planned Parenthood back in 2011. From then on to 2017 she served as a volunteer leader and then as a voter engagement specialist assisting the regional field organizer in the 2016 legislative session. In 2017, Cat graduated from Boise State University with a B.S. in political science and moved to North Carolina where she worked as a summer field fellow for the NCDP and assisted various campaigns. This year she worked for the party as a field organizer in West Boise before moving on to help out on the Lachiondo campaign for Ada County commissioner. In addition to politics, Cat also founded the Idaho Transgender Healthcare Advocacy coalition in 2015 where she currently serves as its chair of the board. Outside of this work, Cat loves to hike, cook, and spend time with her friends

joe goode.jpg

Joe Goode: college chapter chair

Joe is a Senior at Boise State University pursuing a degree in Political Science and Leadership and Human Resources. While serving in his second term as college chapters chair of the Idaho Young Democrats, he has also served as the President of the Boise State Young Democrats for 3 years. Since joining Idaho Young Democrats, Joe has helped start up young Democrats clubs at Idaho State University, College of Western Idaho, Northwest Nazarene, Lewis and Clark State University, and the University of Idaho.

Joe’s most notable accomplishment was when he started volunteering his efforts with the Medicaid for Idaho Team; collecting up to a total of 1500 signatures, and helping to travel the state to collect signatures and recruit volunteers. Since that campaign, Joe has since managed a successful campaign for John Gannon’s Primary state legislative race, and is now serving as field director for Aaron Swisher for U.S Congress and campaign manager to John McCrostie’s State legislative campaign. Joe’s long involvement with the Boise State Young Democrats and his experience with political organizing helps Joe to help build momentum with young people across the state.

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michael Min: High school caucus chair

Michael Min is the high school caucus chair for IDYD, as well as one of the two co-presidents of his school's YD chapter. He attends Centennial High School as a senior, where he's the captain of the swim team, as well as one of the leaders of the Academic Decathlon team. He enjoys computer science, swimming, and teaching STEM subjects to younger students. His goal as high school caucus chair is to create YD clubs across Idaho, and encourage youth activism and participation in the political process.